Monday, February 8, 2010

Well its Monday Night and It did Snow Again

I came home from work to find not only is it snowing buckets out there, a wintry mix of wet mushy snow but my little dog got his shots today and he is so sad acting.
I came home to find him in a lot of pain and having a hard time dealing with the soreness in his little butt. He is so pitiful and I feel so bad for him, I gave him a baby aspirin and he is resting better now but I can tell he isn't feeling good. I watched some TV and now I think I'm going to head off to bed early and call it a night. As long as the weather doesn't get any worse the heat should be fine however I'm hoping the temperatures don't plumet and we don't have a loss in power.

Talked to my mother and one of my daughters tonight, I can't wait until the weather eases up and I get to see my daughter again. I guess Pepper and me will have to travel her way to see her as soon as the spring weather starts to hit and we don't have to worry about traveling on the roads.

Talk to you all tomorrow I'm exhausted. bye for now

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  1. Pepper, is such a cute dog! Sounds like you make a great Petnurse, too! I've followed you on Associated Content for sometime now and enjoy reading the articles you write. It's nice that you're in the Bloggerhood now. I look forward to reading more!


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