Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Okay I've Definitely Been Neglecting My Blog

Well lets see where on earth do I begin. Lets take the days backwards and see how that works out, of course you have to remember as I have been reminded by others time and time again "I must not have much of a life."

Just like today for instance Samantha's hubby came in and said that "I must not have much of a life because I have so much free time on my hands in order to do movies etc." , well lets just say I told him I guess in a way I don't. I work hard, take care of my little dog Pepper, do movies and write articles, so really thats pretty much it.

Okay so today is the 16th and other than doing all my necessary paperwork at the office we only had a few patients and Dr. K is determined to make me feel pretty much inept in everything I do. I wish I knew if he appreciated me or if he just thinks I'm pretty much useless for the most part.

I know there are times he pretty much feels either way, at times he is happy with me especially when I we are making money but then other times like the other day when he told me he was extremely disappointed and looked at me like he was disgusted.

Okay so enough about today .. lets see yesterday involved patient statements and about a million times over waiting for the patients to brave the snow. It is weird how some will come no matter what yet others won't attempt bad weather.

Yesterday was a good day cause Pat is so sweet, she gave me this big rooster with feathers and it had a card saying that I was the MVP of the office for all that I do. She always takes up for me and makes mention to me knowing all there is to know about the inner workings of the office. I love Pat .. she is one of the kindest people I know and she is nothing like you'd think. She is smart and extremely funny and works her behind off doing as much work as I do to make that business profitable.

Okay so as far as the weekend, I really didn't do much we went to Paducah and got a few things at Sam's club, can't buy too much though I hate buying a lot of things in bulk like that but they did have some really good looking strawberries.

Saturday stayed home and didn't do anything but clean, Friday was the end of the work week and not much went on however that was another day that I pretty much was on Dr. K's crap listing .. He thought I should have waited for him to sign something and yes I guess in afterthought I guess I should have but needless to say you only have to tell me once not repeatedly and the chewing I got lasted about 5 minutes and included what was I thinking and other repetitive statements.

Oh well never had I claimed to be infalable.
I gotta run talk to you later. geez my head is hurting again for only the millionth time.

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