Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday and Baby Its Cold Outside Really

I think the outside temperature is like 10 degrees, but the good thing is I'm home today and its warm in here. I have ham sandwiches, sweet tea, the TV and computer, so basically I'm doing fine. I also have about 13 articles to do this weekend so that should keep me busy, don't you think? I haven't really got going to much yet, I woke up early and did some work on the computer finishing off an article that I had started before I went off to bed and then I went and laid back down and of course I fell back off to sleep. I have some laundry to finish up and I need to run through the house and give it a once over before I really sit down for a marathon of article writing for Associated Content. I have a another book in the works if I can ever find the time to sit down and work on it, my other one was only a small publication and I have always wanted to get it republished again. Oh well, maybe someday I will. I guess if I had to pick my dream job it would be to do some freelance writing for a publication of some sort much as I do now but on a bigger scale and for better money. I recently was forced to take a salary position at work and I was pretty upset about it since I put in so many hours every week however during this holiday season it has for the most part given me hours I normally may not have gotten. However somehow I am sure when you put it on paper I'm getting cheated out of money somewhere. I have the television on and what I can never understand is why there is never anything good on TV anymore on the weekends, there honestly is nothing to watch I just turn it on just to hear the noise I think. Be back on later talk to ya then.

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