Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Im Feeling So Much Like Crap

I don't remember what time I went to bed last night but it must have been around midnight and now I've been up since 4:30AM I have a severe migraine and its Friday which normally would be a good thing however I have so much to do today. As always I am wishing I would get that making a list thing down. I have statements to do today at work, patients start around noon however Pat will be there early and we were going for a coffee break she knows I need a break ever so often to do the girl chat thing since I basically have nobody to talk things out with. Let me describe Pat, in a perfect world I could see us being closer friends than we are now. She is so smart and kind of like an older sister to me. She always appreciates my opinions but is quick to be honest with me about hers. She says she came from dirt and even though she has everything she could ever want now she feels more like me than the other side of the spectrum.. By the way Pat is Dr. K's wife and not the typical doctors wife by no means she works for a living as a nurse doing some of the most demeaning nursing things really for as smart as she is. Most days she cleans earwax and puts patients in rooms followed by an occasional x-ray, all of which I could do for her. Sometimes I truly feel sorry for her because she works her butt off for the practice and then doesn't have any of the luxuries you would normally think being rich would have she has a house to clean, laundry to do, etc. Plus she has a big yard most of which she mows with a push mower during the summer and she loves animals and has several that she feeds daily, along with a semi large fish pond. In a perfect world I would like to just hang out with her shop, cook, watch TV and just be her closest friend, although I do think I am one of her closest friends but I'm kind of limited to spending time with her due to our gap in financial status and Dr. K, he is my employer and I think maybe he might not want there to be such a close bond between us, sometimes he makes me feel awkward when he sees Pat and I are doing other things together as BFF's. I like Dr. K though and feel as though other than him fitting somewhat of the typical bill of a doctor he has a good side somewhere in there and maybe if he got to know me better he would let his guard down which overall would be good for him I think.

I talked with my middle daughter last night and told her I haven't been able to get a hold of Brit. She laughed at me because she said that it was funny how I spend all my time doing articles and now a blog, but I told her that I really have quite a boring life and since the articles at least I am making some good money on the side and it makes me feel like I am passing my medical knowledge on to others. Plus basically I seem to be working to fill the void of the money I am losing to Brit. Anyway gotta run I have to take a bath, etc. and my head is exploding. I wish I could afford to see a real neurologist but believe it or not I have no insurance. I'm a nurse and work for a doctor and have no insurance but technically I guess that is my own fault. I hate the thought of losing money on insurance when I always so desperately need it to pay bills. Hell I haven't even been paid by Joe for over 3 weeks and that is over 300 dollars there. I guess I am losing money all the way around huh?

Another note on my medical condition that I haven't quite figured out is I have stopped having a period. I haven't had one in two months and although normally that might be a good thing, I shouldn't be going through menopause yet. Oh well if I couldn't handle any more sickness so Im just going to ignore the situation like most of my patients do. Associated Content wants me to do articles on my diabetes and I told them I would the first one is going to be about non compliance, I know a lot about that. Gotta run talk to you later. Have a good day everyone and yea its Friday, the weekend is upon us.

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